Adult Size Floor Pillow

Adult-Size Floor Pillows, Bean Bags, Pillow Sac and More!

Totally awesome in every way a giant floor pillow is loved by teens, kids, and adults alike for its ability to be molded into any kind of seat. Filled with comfy foam and covered in a choice fabrics, our products are extremely versatile. Straddle them to play video games, flatten it out for a belly flop, or flip it and make a cozy loveseat for two.

Jaxx 5’Metro Sac standard

Brand: Jaxx Description: City Style Sleek as a city skyline and peaceful as a Sunday afternoon; thatโ€™s how we describe our Jaxx Metro. This Jaxx looks as at home in the most upscale of city lofts as in does in a high-rise office building. Thatโ€™s because Jaxx has reinvented the iconic beanbag by updating it for style and comfort. Harmonious proportions of cushioning provide great comfort with posh design appeal. Filled with furniture grade foam, these Jaxx are the epitome of comfort. The repurposed polyurethane shredded foam creates micro-cushions that feel great, and it is eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. Available in nine designer colors, Jaxx Metro will grace your home with stylish city design while also evoking hospitality. Jaxx Metro ...

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