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Get the full night sleep you deserve. We offer a selection of body pillows ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural contours of the human body during rest, and provides optimal support in all four basic sleep positions. Our products combine the support of three pillows in one unique design, and are available in a variety of synthetic down, natural goose down and memory foam. Start supporting your sleep position today. Make sure to stop and check out the Avana Body Rest. This 50″ product is one of our most popular products. Best of all, save bundles with FREE SHIPPING on everything in our store!

A body pillow is recommended by medical doctors to improve spinal alignment, enhances muscular relaxation, healthier circulation, back pain, and optimal pregnancy support. An ideal product during pregnancy, for chronic back or neck pain, for the elderly, single people, college students, athletes, chiropractic patients and people recovering from injuries.

Choose from a variety of fillers, from natural goose down to memory foam and support your sleep position in comfort. Whatever the reason, find the product that is right for you.

How to choose a Body Pillow standard

An extended pillow measuring 20 by 54 up to 20 by 60 is called body pillow. It is commonly filled with down and feather blend (5/95) of grey duck most of the time. Many body pillows feature luxurious fabric, which are frequently sold starting from the month of June up to the month of August. The price of body pillows vary according to their style. For cheap version, the price ranges from $25-$50 while the luxury version ranges from $50-$125 when on sale. The body pillowโ€™s size is equivalent to two pillows of queen bed and is considered to be ideal for people suffering from hip and back pain. Moreover, it can be good for people who are in need ...

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How To Choose A Bed Lounge Pillow standard

If you are an avid reader that absolutely loves to read in bed or while lying down in general then you definitely need to consider a bed lounge pillow as one of your next purchases. When one is absorbed by the intricate plot or interesting characters of a particularly good novel one might not want to put that book down for hours upon hours hence remaining in close to the same position for the same amount of time. This is where a reading pillow can help keep the various aches and pains that accompany not moving for an extended period of time away. Bed Lounge Pillow Features Now it has to be understood that these arenโ€™t your conventional bed pillows, ...

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Body Wrap Pillow standard

Brand: Science of Sleep Description: Complete body support and comfort! This body wrap pillow surrounds and contours to your body providing you with extraordinary support and comfort. It aligns your spine for correct sleeping posture. This pillow is ideal for those suffering with head, neck, shoulder, back or leg pain. The slickened polyester fiber filling provides comfort and will hold its shape for years. The total comfort and support of this pillow can be enjoyed by everyone including those suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery and for mothers-to-be. Material: The pillow core is 100% slickened polyester fiber to allow air circulation and body comfort. The pillowcase is 160-thread count poly cotton blend. Dimensions: 104″ L x 17″ W.

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