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Floor pillows provide casual seating for any occasion. Make them an alternative to furniture and enjoy the more plush and far more portable capabilities. They are a great crash pad for hanging out, playing with the kids, watching TV or just taking a nap and rest your body. We offer quality, comfortable JAXX pillow sacs, loungers, bean bags, cocoons and gaming chairs. Best of all, save bundles with FREE SHIPPING on everything in our store!

Update your look to a more savvy, stylish and comfortable seating alternative with large floor pillows by JAXX. Create a relaxed setting to liven up your home theater, your gaming room or playroom. Shop with us and find quality pillow sacs, bean bags, body pillows and more!

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How to Make Floor Pillows standard

Floor pillows can be any size and can be used to prop oneself up against a wall or piece of furniture, or as sleeping beds for dogs and cats. A floor pillow can be made out of any type of fabric, but you should choose a fabric that is thicker so that the pillow lasts longer. Thicker fabric is essential if you have animals that might want to play tug with you and the floor pillow. Step 1 Cut two pieces of material the exact same size. Make the pieces an inch larger than the finished product will be. Fold the edges over by 1/2 inch and pin the edges to hold them in place. Step 2 Iron both pieces ...

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Jaxx 5’Metro Sac standard

Brand: Jaxx Description: City Style Sleek as a city skyline and peaceful as a Sunday afternoon; that’s how we describe our Jaxx Metro. This Jaxx looks as at home in the most upscale of city lofts as in does in a high-rise office building. That’s because Jaxx has reinvented the iconic beanbag by updating it for style and comfort. Harmonious proportions of cushioning provide great comfort with posh design appeal. Filled with furniture grade foam, these Jaxx are the epitome of comfort. The repurposed polyurethane shredded foam creates micro-cushions that feel great, and it is eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. Available in nine designer colors, Jaxx Metro will grace your home with stylish city design while also evoking hospitality. Jaxx Metro ...

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Jaxx Sac Jr. standard

Brand: Jaxx Description: Their New Favorite Chair A mini version of our Original Jaxx, Jaxx Jr. offers the same comfort and modern seating style to the youngest members of the family. Perfect for a children’s bedroom, the Jaxx Jr. has a compact shape of two feet by one foot, and comes in a choice of six bright colors that are sure to complement your child’s décor. Filled with eight pounds of foam, Jaxx Jr. is lightweight enough for your child to move it from their bedroom to a play room. Lush microsuede covers zip off easily for machine washing. Underneath, a protective liner with a childproof zipper keeps the foam contents out of reach.

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Jaxx 7′ Giant Sac standard

Brand: Jaxx Description: The Largest Jaxx in the Land “Fee fi fo fum! I need a place to rest my bum!” Unfortunately for Jack’s giant, there were no magical beanbags on top of the beanstalk. But down here on earth, Jaxx Giant is our largest beanbag that is a world apart from the ordinary. Providing colossal amounts of comfort, as well as appealing to modern design, you’d swear it came right out of a fairytale. With enough space for several friends, this Jaxx can be used as a couch in a family room, a guest bed, a media room crash pad, or anything else the imagination can conjure. Filled with furniture grade foam, these Jaxx are the epitome of comfort. ...

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