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Pregnancy Body Pillow standard

Pregnancy Body Pillows are getting more popular among woman all around the world. Why? It is a pillow that is useful to help pregnant women have a quality sleeping time, especially during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. We can all understand that during this period, a lot of women experience discomforts like back pain, leg cramps, and other difficulties. The body pillow will support the lower back and the harassed abdomen muscles and make it relaxed and comfortable to lay down. The full body type supports the entire body, like the legs, back, head and neck while sleeping. The Perfect Pillow During and After Your Amazing Pregnancy Pregnancy Body Pillow Characteristics The pregnancy Body Pillow is also a portable accessory, ...

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How To Choose A Bed Lounge Pillow standard

If you are an avid reader that absolutely loves to read in bed or while lying down in general then you definitely need to consider a bed lounge pillow as one of your next purchases. When one is absorbed by the intricate plot or interesting characters of a particularly good novel one might not want to put that book down for hours upon hours hence remaining in close to the same position for the same amount of time. This is where a reading pillow can help keep the various aches and pains that accompany not moving for an extended period of time away. Bed Lounge Pillow Features Now it has to be understood that these arenโ€™t your conventional bed pillows, ...

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Bed reading pillow: Read In Bed In Comfort standard

Bed reading pillows play a major role for voracious readers. They are simply engrossed in their reading that they sometimes tend to allow their bodies to be prone to discomfort. It is useful for occasional readers too, but mostly meant for voracious readers. Bed reading pillow Features They are designed so well that the back and sides of the body get the required support and comfort it needs while you are fully engaged with your book. They are able to comply with all the shapes and sizes of the body. The important feature of the bed reading pillows is the custom back support and the adjustable head rest. This can be used not only for reading but also when using ...

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Align Your Body With A Contour Leg Pillow standard

The name contour means a curve. Our body has many curves and these curves need to be taken care of. Lying on a flat bed will not help to reduce the stress of the body. It definitely needs something more comfortable like the contour leg pillow. Why is it called the contour leg pillow? Simple the leg has many curves and when in a lying position these curves have no support and hence the sleeper wakes up with pain in the knees, hips or lower back. The purpose of the contour leg pillow is to provide comfort to these parts of body while you have a restful sleep. They are shaped perfectly to match the curves of the legs so ...

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Ensure Your Back Is In Position With A Lumbar Support Pillow standard

To have a perfect upright back, oneโ€™s posture has to be checked. If you are always sitting in a slumped position naturally your lower back would begin to get worn out. This is only natural since the lower back tends to take all the weight of the upper body. To get relief from this, a lumbar support pillow is an ideal choice. How a Lumbar Support Pillow Works With the lumbar support pillow placed just by the lower back reduces the stress and strain on the spine thus giving relief from back pain. Specially designed pillows for travelling in sitting position are available. This is like a welcome boon to those frequent travelers. This helps to reduce fatigue caused due ...

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Body Wrap Pillow standard

Brand: Science of Sleep Description: Complete body support and comfort! This body wrap pillow surrounds and contours to your body providing you with extraordinary support and comfort. It aligns your spine for correct sleeping posture. This pillow is ideal for those suffering with head, neck, shoulder, back or leg pain. The slickened polyester fiber filling provides comfort and will hold its shape for years. The total comfort and support of this pillow can be enjoyed by everyone including those suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery and for mothers-to-be. Material: The pillow core is 100% slickened polyester fiber to allow air circulation and body comfort. The pillowcase is 160-thread count poly cotton blend. Dimensions: 104″ L x 17″ W.

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