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Get rid of those body pains. We offer a selection of orthopedic products that accommodate the natural contours of the human body during rest, and provide optimal support. There are products designed for every part of the body to provide the orthopedic comfort you need. Browse around and spend some time with us; we have a great selection of pillows and know you’ll be able to find a something to help relieve your neck, shoulder, back or leg pain. Take a gander at the Avana Side Sleeper designed to keep your spine aligned while you sleep. Best of all, save bundles with FREE SHIPPING on everything in our store!

The use of a support pillow is recommended by orthopedic, chiropractic and medical doctors to eliminate neck and shoulder pain and provide relief of morning stiffness, headaches and a better night’s sleep. Sooth your body and enjoy the comfort our products can provide.

May we suggest the gentle elevation of the Avana Slant for the ideal sleep surface.

Why buy a Memory Foam Wedge Pillow? standard

Are you wondering how a memory foam wedge pillow can prove to be a better purchase for you than buying an ordinary pillow? Probably you often have heard of a wedge pillow stuffed with memory foam filling, but donโ€™t quite know if it is actually different from and offers better benefits than normal pillows, or is it just a fancy alibi that is being used to extend monetary benefits to the manufacturer? To resolve all your dilemmas then, letโ€™s take a look at what all comforts are you are missing out on by delaying the purchase of a memory foam wedge pillow: Who needs a Memory Foam Wedge Pillow? While ordinary foam pillows find the most extensive usage in most ...

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3 Tips for Choosing A Side Sleeper Pillow standard

Do you realise that the weight and angle that your body experiences while you sleep can affect your health over time? Pain and soreness in ears, head, neck, back, and stiffness of limbs, poor posture, migraines, and sleep apnea,spinal cord damage are all problems that can result of constant sleeping styles and patterns. While it is extremely tough to change your style of sleeping, efforts can certainly be made to escape the long term negative impacts that could be lying in store for you. Now since two-thirds of our total population prefers to curl while sleeping and belongs to the category of side sleepers, the best way for them to mitigate the ill-impact is to ensure proper side support when ...

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Bed reading pillow: Read In Bed In Comfort standard

Bed reading pillows play a major role for voracious readers. They are simply engrossed in their reading that they sometimes tend to allow their bodies to be prone to discomfort. It is useful for occasional readers too, but mostly meant for voracious readers. Bed reading pillow Features They are designed so well that the back and sides of the body get the required support and comfort it needs while you are fully engaged with your book. They are able to comply with all the shapes and sizes of the body. The important feature of the bed reading pillows is the custom back support and the adjustable head rest. This can be used not only for reading but also when using ...

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Align Your Body With A Contour Leg Pillow standard

The name contour means a curve. Our body has many curves and these curves need to be taken care of. Lying on a flat bed will not help to reduce the stress of the body. It definitely needs something more comfortable like the contour leg pillow. Why is it called the contour leg pillow? Simple the leg has many curves and when in a lying position these curves have no support and hence the sleeper wakes up with pain in the knees, hips or lower back. The purpose of the contour leg pillow is to provide comfort to these parts of body while you have a restful sleep. They are shaped perfectly to match the curves of the legs so ...

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Ensure Your Back Is In Position With A Lumbar Support Pillow standard

To have a perfect upright back, oneโ€™s posture has to be checked. If you are always sitting in a slumped position naturally your lower back would begin to get worn out. This is only natural since the lower back tends to take all the weight of the upper body. To get relief from this, a lumbar support pillow is an ideal choice. How a Lumbar Support Pillow Works With the lumbar support pillow placed just by the lower back reduces the stress and strain on the spine thus giving relief from back pain. Specially designed pillows for travelling in sitting position are available. This is like a welcome boon to those frequent travelers. This helps to reduce fatigue caused due ...

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Back Rest standard

Description: Required equipment for time in bed NASA research has developed temperature sensitive visco-elastic polymers to relieve g-force pressures experienced by astronauts. Better by design, the Back Rest combines these memory foam polymers with an ergonomic contour base that absorbs and redistributes pressure evenly across the upper back. 25″ x 22″ x 18″ Cover sips off for easy cleaning Available in Light Blue or Buckwheat

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