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Browse through our articles and links related to sleeping, pillows and pregnancy. We know how important a good night sleep is to your health, body and wellness and are dedicated to sharing information to help you get the rest you need. Learn more about sleep and how it effects your life. Discover how the right body pillow can improve you quality of sleep. Let us help you experience a comfortable pregnancy. Below are a list of topics we can explore together.

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Why buy a Memory Foam Wedge Pillow? standard

Are you wondering how a memory foam wedge pillow can prove to be a better purchase for you than buying an ordinary pillow? Probably you often have heard of a wedge pillow stuffed with memory foam filling, but don’t quite know if it is actually different from and offers better benefits than normal pillows, or is it just a fancy alibi that is being used to extend monetary benefits to the manufacturer? To resolve all your dilemmas then, let’s take a look at what all comforts are you are missing out on by delaying the purchase of a memory foam wedge pillow: Who needs a Memory Foam Wedge Pillow? While ordinary foam pillows find the most extensive usage in most ...

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3 Tips for Choosing A Side Sleeper Pillow standard

Do you realise that the weight and angle that your body experiences while you sleep can affect your health over time? Pain and soreness in ears, head, neck, back, and stiffness of limbs, poor posture, migraines, and sleep apnea,spinal cord damage are all problems that can result of constant sleeping styles and patterns. While it is extremely tough to change your style of sleeping, efforts can certainly be made to escape the long term negative impacts that could be lying in store for you. Now since two-thirds of our total population prefers to curl while sleeping and belongs to the category of side sleepers, the best way for them to mitigate the ill-impact is to ensure proper side support when ...

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What Is An Anti Snore Pillow And Why Should You Care? standard

Snoring by humans is a result of a tongue induced blockage in the throat and nose. While the problem does cause some discomfort for those suffering from it, it is even more of a trouble for their family members or friends who have to bear with the sounds of snoring. It is indeed irritating to encounter someone snoring when you are trying to sleep. The cures for the problem of snoring are many and include surgery, anti-snoring pills and sprays etc. However, these are all intrusive methods and in view of this fact, a non-intrusive method like the use of an anti snore pillow appears to be the best remedy to ensure relief from snoring. What is an anti snore ...

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Spinal Cord Injury & the Use of Body Pillows standard

A multitude of bodily functions can be disrupted due to spinal injuries. The spinal cord is the body’s switchboard that sends important signals to our muscles from the brain. The majority of spinal cord injuries are related to vehicular accidents, falls, gunshots, diving accidents, and disease (polio, spina bifida). Some common illnesses or complaints of people with spinal cord injury experience include deep vein thrombosis, low blood pressure, and bed sores. There are different kinds of support products designed for treating these ailments and providing comfort to the spine. Ailments of Spinal Injuries Deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is a blood clot that forms in a vein deep in the body. When blood thickens and clumps together, blood clots occur ...

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Solve Travel Discomfort with a Support Pillow standard

Do you enjoy traveling but not the traveling? You know what I mean. It’s great to vacation and visit other places but a pain getting there. If you are like me the discomforts associated with traveling often change a short flight to hours of agony. With the size of economy seating getting smaller and travel amenities disappearing, it’s not only expensive to fly but uncomfortable. Remember the days when you could recline your seats back further than an inch, when pillows and blankets were available to every passenger and nuts were always served. Those were the days. Now I travel for business several times a month squished in a seat big enough for a toddler with no pillow and no ...

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The World Of Choice When It Comes To Large Bed Pillows standard

There are some cases when the traditional square bed pillows just aren’t enough anymore due to various reasons, and in such cases one needs to upgrade to large bed pillows in order to get a proper night’s sleep. Types of Large Bed Pillows Probably the largest pillows that you can buy are body pillows, these are normally the size of two conventional bed pillows and they are usually recommended to those individuals with back and hip pain but they will also be a boon to those who experience mild neck pain. Similar to the other types of pillows available on the market nowadays, these considerably bigger bed pillows can be made out of a variety of materials that range from ...

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A Few Reasons To Consider Bed Rest Pillows And Wedges standard

There are many problems out there that can alter our normal sleeping experience, ranging from the psychological to the physical, there are lots of things that can stop us from having a good night’s sleep and this is where bed rest pillows and wedges come in, as a way of combating the many physical issues that can stop us from sleeping soundly. Bed Rest Pillows & Wedges Features Bed wedges are designed and constructed with a certain type of bed rest in mind, when resting on these types of bed pillows you can combat several problems that might stifle your normal sleep, including back pain, acid reflux and sleep apnea. By resting in a slightly inclined position many individuals can ...

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Pillows – A Cradle For Comfort standard

A pillow is basically a cushion that cradles the neck, shoulders and the head and gives support to the entire body when a person sleeps. It is very essential and is used aal over the world. Everyone uses pillows when sleeping except for a few, who for certain health reasons need to sleep without a pillow. Types of pillows Pillows come in different types and sizes to suit the way a person sleeps. The ways of sleeping vary from person to person. Some sleep on their backs and others on their stomachs while a lot of people sleep on their sides. Each posture that the body takes while a person sleeps is often comfortable but often also uncomfortable. The person ...

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Finding a Quality Body Pillow standard

There is a huge variety of body pillows on the market today but a handful are quality products. Consumers should take time to inform themselves of the components of a quality body pillow before shopping. They should consider the pillow filler, shape, cover and warranty before purchasing. Quality Body Pillows Purchasing a product filled with quality material is necessary for a body pillow that will keep its shape and offers support for years to come. There are several options to consider including synthetic down fiber, synthetic microfiber, natural down and memory foam. Synthetic down fiber is a cluster fiber the size of a “pea” that works together with other fiber cluster in the pillow to provide a more flexible and ...

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Snoozer – Product Review standard

If you are looking for a body pillow there are many options available to you. Most pillow manufactures produce some kind of king-size or jumbo pillow long enough to comfort the entire body. However, they are not all are designed to support the human body like the Snoozer Body Pillow. Snoozer is a pillow manufacturer that introduced its dual patented line of Snoozer Pillows in the US market over 10 years ago. The company offers a unique ergonomic range of products with a wide range of health benefits and support. The Snoozer DreamWeaver is a full body pillow that is ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural contours of the human body during rest. This versatile product provides optimal support in ...

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