Body Pillow Brands

The most famous high quality brands include Snoozer, Jaxx, Avana and Berkie. The line of support pillows are custom, orthopedic products with urethane foam foundations and quality memory foam for ideal comfort. Body pillows and pregnancy pillows are ergonomically designed to accommodates the natural contours of the human body.


Snoozer is a pillow manufacturer that introduced its dual patented line of Snoozer Pillows in the US market over 10years ago. The company offers a unique ergonomic range of products with a wide range of health benefits and support. If you are looking for a body pillow there are many options available to you. The Snoozer line includes full body pillow, upper body pillows, junior body pillows, memory foam pillows and the ultimate bed pillows.


Jaxx’s offers affordable designer floor pillows, body pillows and bean bags. Products are filled with high caliber, high-density, polyurethane foam core (or Eco Foam), providing the perfect balance of firm support and plush cushioning. Giant floor pillows and bean bags are a great alternative to furniture and liven any room.


Avana & Berkie are furniture line that includes body pillows, support pillows and sleeping aids made from foam that promote health and comfort. These products follow a contemporary design around orthopedic surgeonโ€™s recommendations. Inspired by zero waste ideals, Avana designers repurpose all the raw materials, like foam, that would otherwise become discarded byproducts into their items. Talk about โ€œgoing green.โ€

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