An extended pillow measuring 20 by 54 up to 20 by 60 is called body pillow. It is commonly filled with down and feather blend (5/95) of grey duck most of the time. Many body pillows feature luxurious fabric, which are frequently sold starting from the month of June up to the month of August. The price of body pillows vary according to their style. For cheap version, the price ranges from $25-$50 while the luxury version ranges from $50-$125 when on sale.

The body pillow’s size is equivalent to two pillows of queen bed and is considered to be ideal for people suffering from hip and back pain. Moreover, it can be good for people who are in need of additional support to minimize the stress that is induced by normal position when sleeping. Body pillows should have loose filling and be moldable to enable the people using it to bend them slightly as they want.

How To Choose Which Filling For Your Pillow?

Polyester is considered as the most affordable filling material for body pillows with cost ranging from $25-$50. Body pillow contains polyester materials, which is often used for casual or decoration. Upgraded filling of this pillow is a mix of down fill and feathers, commonly 5/95 grey duck. Natural filled type is better because down fill and feather allows you to mold it to a shape that you desire. You will have the best comfort and luxury with this type of filling. Due to its silky soft texture and moldable design, this type of pillow is generally chosen for common use. Compared to feather model that sometimes provide poking feather, all down model is very soft. Many body pillows, regardless of their filling can be safely washed in washing machine. The selection on what type of filling to have is already a personal choice, with platinum standard as being the down filled type of model or design.
How Should You Protect Your Body Pillow

It is recommend that protective cover or pillow case must be used to cover body pillows. Always make sure you purchase the exact size cover to avoid having loose cover for your body pillow. Also make sure to choose a case that is longer in length than the body pillow so as to have comfort and good coverage. Since body pillows do not usually have luxury fabric with supreme thread count, you might also like to add cases for your body pillows to offer smoother and great experience. A typical cover has zipper that closes on smaller ends. The cases for body pillow generally have thread count that is higher, making them easy to remove when washing.

When purchasing body pillow for your room, make sure to use a good protective cover or case and clean it monthly using normal washing cycles of your linen. Most of the covers can be washed in a washing machine and then dried. Washing only the cover is cheaper, quicker, and more environment friendly than washing the entire body pillow. One should take note that some new luxury body pillow might shed in dryer or washer so they should be washed and then dried separately from other linens or fabrics.

How To Use A Body Pillow

Typically the body pillow may be placed between the legs of the sleeper to minimize back pressure. The sleeper’s position is very similar to a person climbing a tree or log; with legs sprawled on the pillow. There are times when sleepers prefer to stay in a certain angle, only propping a leg on the pillow’s top.

3 Types of Body Pillow Covers

Most people like having body pillow while sleeping for it gives them great comfort. It enables them to have a very comfortable position that they have been used to. Due to its usefulness, having body pillow cover that prevents the main pillows from getting dirty is essential.

If you search in stores, you will find out that covers for body pillow come in three types. You can purchase and choose from these types of covers, which will best fit the body pillows you currently own.

  1. Regular cases: The regular type of covers is ideal for your regular body pillows at home. Regular pillows are those that are rectangular and long, which are ideal for the adults. The best thing about this type of pillow cover is its affordability since most are commonly found in shops or stores.
  2. Pregnancy covers: Women who are pregnant sometimes find it difficult to achieve a comfortable sleeping position that is why numerous manufacturers of pillow have made pregnancy pillows, which cab be available in various shapes to enable pregnant women in finding the perfect position. Due to its contoured shape, it requires special type of cover that will prevent it from collecting dirt or dust. Pregnancy pillows have different shapes, thus purchasing covers from their manufacturers will ensure getting the right shape and size that will be ideal for your body pillows.
  3. Kids body cases: Children have body pillows as well, which need particular covers. Large size pillows are still not appropriate for kids below toddler years for it might cause suffocation that is why smaller body pillow sizes are made for them. The covers for kid’s pillows are made in small size to effectively prevent them from kids’ sweat and dirt. In getting cover for kid’s body pillows, you can easily search online to look for the perfect covers, which will properly match the pillow’s style and size and also your budget. When you make a thorough research online, you will surely find the right cover for your kid’s body pillow and get the supreme quality you have been searching.

You can get these types of covers for your body pillows in numerous shops nowadays. With their quality materials, you will be assured of having the perfect sleep you have been searching for and preventing your body pillows from dirt. When planning what type of case to buy, make sure to take into consideration the design of the entire room. The purpose and where they will be used also play an important role in making a decision when you buy.