The name contour means a curve. Our body has many curves and these curves need to be taken care of. Lying on a flat bed will not help to reduce the stress of the body. It definitely needs something more comfortable like the contour leg pillow.

Why is it called the contour leg pillow?

Simple the leg has many curves and when in a lying position these curves have no support and hence the sleeper wakes up with pain in the knees, hips or lower back.

The purpose of the contour leg pillow is to provide comfort to these parts of body while you have a restful sleep. They are shaped perfectly to match the curves of the legs so that they enter into the curves perfectly well and add extra comfort while you sleep.

The unique features of the contour leg pillow are that they bring back the natural alignment of the body, relax the muscles and ease the pain at the important pressure points. The cover can be washed by machine. They are affordable and durable too. They are made of 100% visco-elastic memory foam which is versatile and eco friendly.

Use a Contour Leg Pillow

The contour leg pillow can be placed between any curve in the body, for instance if you are a side sleeper your knees tend to rest on each other. This gives pressure on the spine. A contour pillow placed between the knees gives the comfort that the spine requires and you are comfortable too.

Sometimes you can use it to support your neck. Mostly normal pillows tend to strain the neck when you are in a side sleeping position. The contour leg pillow can be placed between the neck and bed thus bringing the body to a perfect position and not straining the spine. This can be used in the case of back sleepers as well.


The contour leg pillow is a real asset for all. It is durable, versatile and affordable too. Everyone can enjoy the comfort of this elegant pillow. It is portable too and can be carried with you everywhere, especially when traveling or when staying out for a day or two.