The fastest moving mattresses today is the memory foam ones that have a foam pillow top.

It is known as a luxury bedding in the market today because of its thicker layers of foam that are added to bring the bed to a height of approximately 14 to 16 inches. The layers vary in the different parts of the mattress. Most people are misled that the entire mattress is made of memory foam. This is not to be, the main portion that is made of memory foam is the pillow top.

The base of the pillow is not so dense as the pillow top. But this does not mean that it is less durable. In fact since it is made up of laminated foam it is greater than the memory foam in durability. This allows the user to have a full night of restful sleep because the base provides the required support to the top layers of the pillow.

Another advantage is that though there are memory top pillows available in higher levels like 12 to 16 inches, the memory foam on top is only 4 to 6 inches on the pillow. This provides the luxury and comfort that is needed only the height may be a bit more. Whatever the type of pillow the memory foam pillow gives added support to the body thus giving it the utmost rest that is required.

When shopping for memory foam pillow tops one should keep in mind that the name of the item is not as important as the type of foam that is used to give comfort. One should check how thick the base layer of the mattress is. It should be checked how comfortable it feels. These points should be strictly cleared before getting the perfect memory foam mattress.

Get the best mattress may it be the regular 4 to 6 inches foam or the king sized 12 to 16 inches memory foam mattress, it should be comfortable to the user, this is the main point to be considered. The Memory foam pillow is available in various sizes and is the ideal choice for use as a pillow or even as a bed to sleep on. Make utmost use of the memory foam pillow to suit your various needs.