There is a huge variety of body pillows on the market today but a handful are quality products. Consumers should take time to inform themselves of the components of a quality body pillow before shopping. They should consider the pillow filler, shape, cover and warranty before purchasing.

Quality Body Pillows

Purchasing a product filled with quality material is necessary for a body pillow that will keep its shape and offers support for years to come. There are several options to consider including synthetic down fiber, synthetic microfiber, natural down and memory foam. Synthetic down fiber is a cluster fiber the size of a “pea” that works together with other fiber cluster in the pillow to provide a more flexible and supportive product. Synthetic microfiber is silky and very soft and can conform to the body. Natural down is the down feather of a goose and a popular natural filler the offers exceptional support. Memory foam is a unique material that actually deforms after use which allows it to conform to the body’s shape and weight-bearing of areas and truly support the body. Many cheap products now on the market are filled with polyester material that will only last months and offers little support.

Recent developments in pillow designs have resulted in shapes created to better support the body. The traditional straight pillow has been improved with added curves and flexibility. Consumers can now find pillows shaped in the form of a J, C or a U. The J-shaped pillow allows support for the head and down the entire length of the body. The C-shaped pillow, designed for pregnant women, offers support for the head, neck, belly, legs, ankles and feet. Also know as a pregnancy pillow the C shape offers extra support for a women’s growing belly. For complete body support, the U-shaped pillow surrounds the entire body. This is the perfect pillow for those that like the support of a pillow with every turn. The majority of cheap products available to consumers are straight and quite short in length. Taking time to research the existing designs is well worth the effort.

Quality pillows should include covers made of premium material including sateen cotton or microfiber. Covers should be removable and washable. Most of the cheap products have covers made of cotton and often allow only spot cleaning. Consumers should also take a guarantee or warranty in consideration when buying a body pillow. Quality pillows should include at least a one year warranty on craftsmanship and filler loft. Cheap products often only last several months with no guarantee on quality.

Quality body pillows
are filled with supportive materials that last, covered in premium fabrics, available in different shapes, and include some kind of guarantee or warranty. With the large variety of body pillows on the market today consumers should take time to inform themselves of the components of a quality body pillow to make a wise, worthwhile purchase.