Body Wrap Pillow

The Body Wrap

Each month we feature a product and comments from our customers to share as a review. This Months Top Pick is the Body Wrap. This pillow offers complete body support and comfort! This body wrap pillow surrounds and contours to your body providing you with extraordinary support and comfort. It aligns your spine for correct sleeping posture. This pillow is ideal for those suffering with head, neck, shoulder, back or leg pain. The slickened polyester fiber filling provides comfort and will hold its shape for years. The total comfort and support of this pillow can be enjoyed by everyone including those suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery and for mothers-to-be. The pillow core is 100% slickened polyester fiber to allow air circulation and body comfort. The pillowcase is 160-thread count poly cotton blend. Dimensions: 104″ L x 17″ W.

Customer Comment
I sleep all night long. Did you hear me, ALL night long. I am a divorcee and the first year was hard especially learning to sleep alone. Then I discovered the Body Wrap. The length of this pillow is almost twice my height and it wraps from one side, around my head and down the other side. No matter which way I turn or shift I feel the support and comfort of my body pillow. I love it!
Kandice Robson – Logan, UT