There are some cases when the traditional square bed pillows just aren’t enough anymore due to various reasons, and in such cases one needs to upgrade to large bed pillows in order to get a proper night’s sleep.

Types of Large Bed Pillows

Probably the largest pillows that you can buy are body pillows, these are normally the size of two conventional bed pillows and they are usually recommended to those individuals with back and hip pain but they will also be a boon to those who experience mild neck pain.

Similar to the other types of pillows available on the market nowadays, these considerably bigger bed pillows can be made out of a variety of materials that range from synthetics to down.
The ones that are filled with polyester will usually be the cheapest of the bunch but they’re not ideal to use for the purpose of sleeping, these are usually used for decoration or casual use, similar to floor pillows.

Probably the most common type of large body pillow you will find will have a filling made up of a combination of down and feathers and these are much better to sleep on then the previous example on a constant basis because they are very malleable and will mold to the required shape.

There is also the more expensive version of a body pillow completely filled with down, these are extremely soft and very moldable pillows and as opposed to its feathery counterpart this type of pillow will never poke you with the end of a stuck out feather.

Now when you shop around for body pillows you might find a selection of body pillows that are made up or made with memory foam, this represents the highest level in current sleep technology allowing for a pillow that will basically remember the shape you molded it into allowing for a very high degree of support. This can work very similar to a wedge pillow.

Large Bed Pillows Care

Now that you are aware of the plethora of options out there when it comes to large bed pillows it is equally important to be aware of how to properly care for your large bed pillows. It is suggested that all pillows be protected with covers and pillow cases when used and also it is important to make sure that one uses a properly sized cover and case, as being either too small or too large will create problems.

Using covers and cases is useful because they can offer a different texture to the pillow depending on each users preferences and at the same time it protects the pillow itself from getting dirty thus not requiring to be washed, only the covers and cases need to be washed and they don’t require any special consideration, just pop them into the washing machine with your normal linen washing cycle. By using covers and cases not only can you customize your large bed pillows to your preference as to colors and maybe texture, it is also much more environmentally conscious since washing the entire pillows might prove to be both unwieldy and not terribly eco friendly.