A pregnancy pillow is a ‘dream come true’ for any mother- to be. One of the most tried and tested ways of providing the ‘oh-so valuable’ comfort is a pregnancy pillow which extends its comfort to both the expecting mother and the baby. It is said that motherhood is bliss of life for a woman. It is also said that there is no happiness which can be compared to that of motherhood. But it is also a common knowledge that gestation is not at all a cake walk.

Even a small mistake or carelessness can have dire consequences. It has been found that the comfort levels of the expecting mother deteriorates drastically with the advent of the night with almost every woman suffering from sleeping disorders due to the baby bump. It is a matter of pivotal importance to any woman that the baby should remain safe and sound hence they have to compromise with a few sleeping positions.

How does a pregnancy pillow help?

One of the most important factors which must be ensured during pregnancy is ample of rest and a perfect environment for mind and body relaxation. This is one of the biggest factors which always have to be kept in mind not only for the expecting mother but also for the baby’s sake. This is because during pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes many changes and strains while overlooking her own comforts to ensure the safety of the baby at all times.

A pregnancy pillow ensures that both the expecting mother and the baby are at ease. The main task of a pregnancy pillow is that it prevents hardships like lack of sleep, hip and waist strains etc. It can be asked that what the need of a proper pregnancy pillow is when any normal pillow can be done with. To answer such questions, a pregnancy pillow is designed in such a way that it eases off pressure at all vital points of the body without distorting the body posture hence ensuring sound sleep. These pillows aren’t the ones which end up giving you a stiff neck while easing off your back pain.

What kind of pregnancy pillow can be used?

A pregnancy pillow can perfectly be described as a long, sausage like structure that runs throughout the length of the human body, hence covering it from all sides. To ensure that these pillows cater to each and every pregnant woman’s personal requirements, pregnancy pillows generally come in three different shapes, viz., ‘J’, ‘C’ and ‘U’ shapes. All of the three varieties are known to do wonders for every pregnant woman and can be chosen from as per individual preferences.

  • ‘C’ shaped pregnancy pillow provides complete cover along the head, neck, stomach and the legs. Along with these areas, it also provides support to the back. They are the smallest of all the three pregnancy pillows in respect to size.
  • ‘J’ shaped are regarded as the most flexible of all the three types of pregnancy pillows thanks to their design structure. The bends and the curves of a ‘J’ shaped pregnancy pillow can be mended according to the individual choice of the woman using it.
  • ‘U’ shaped pillow also referred to as a ‘back and belly’ pillow accounts for what we can call a ‘total pillow’. They are generally seen as huge structures because of their being enormous in size and hence they call for a big bed for them to be used. They are believed to provide maximum comfort to a woman and can adapt themselves to any posture in which a woman is sleeping. Whether it’s the back, the neck, the hip or any part, you name it and the ‘U’ shaped pillow provides comfort to it.

If you think a pregnancy pillow is a need of only the gestation period, then give it a second thought. It also support the posture while a woman feeds her baby post pregnancy. It supports the back, arms and thus ensuring the woman sits in a proper posture while feeding the baby. A pregnancy pillow is also very helpful to the baby as it keeps the baby from falling down and it’ll also support the baby’s spine when he/she learns to sit.