So the question is why do we consider using a body pillow a luxury? Shouldn’t it be a necessity?

Luxury: Luxurious hotels know the secret of a good night sleep and how to make their guest feel comfortable. Their goal is for you to feel pampered and relaxed so you’ll come back. The main focus is the bedding from the mattress to the sheets. Luxurious hotels provide fine liens and quality bedding to make their guest’s bed the most inviting part of the stay. Face it, when you get a good night sleep you’re happier and feel great. That’s what they want so you’ll leave satisfied and want to come back. Hopefully, you’ll even tell you friends about it and they plan to stay and enjoy the comfort of the luxurious hotel. One of the major luxuries of these hotels is quality body pillows. Luxurious hotels do not stock their rooms with polyester filled standard sized pillows. No, no. You’ll find large, overstuffed products filled with down feathers, synthetic microfiber or memory foam. These pillows support your entire body to ensure a good night sleep.

Necessity We all know how important sleep is to our well being. We know how good we feel after a comfortable night sleep. Sounds like a necessity to me. In fact, they provide muscle and skeletal support which can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Doctors and chiropractors recommend using a body pillow to support your sleep position and provide many other health benefits. Using once can improve spinal alignment, enhance muscular relaxation, promote healthier circulation and reduce head and neck strain. Using a body pillow sounds more like a necessity and something luxurious hotels already know. So bring a little bit of luxury into your life and get the sleep you deserve by using a body pillow.

There many types of body pillows with different fillers and shapes. Finding the perfect pillow to support your sleep position can be a challenge. Start with the amount of support you prefer to determine the filler. Memory foam provides the most comprehensive support and molds to your body. A down feather pillow is firm and soft. The synthetic microfiber pillows have small beads that contour and form to your body. Next you’ll need to decide on the shape. You could start with a straight body pillow or find more support in a product with a curve. No matter what you decide, using a body pillow will become a necessity you will not want to live without.