body pillow benefits
I use to toss and turn all night. I’d wake up restless and achy. A friend of mine noticed how many pillows I was using to try and get comfortable and claimed that was part of the problem. Waking up several times a night to move and reposition my pillows was causing a restless night sleep. She suggested I use a body pillow, something she started doing during her first pregnancy. Genius!

It was not hard to find a pillow that offered the support I needed for my sleep position and finally get the night sleep I deserved. I soon found out that the benefits of properly supporting my body while at rest were abundant.

using a body pillow supports your body during rest. It combines the support of three pillows in one which results in less pillow repositioning and more sleep. No matter what sleep position you prefer it can support you while you sleep, whether it is behind you to cradle the back or in front to keep you on your side. Some products are even big enough to curl all the way around you. It’s like a little piece of heaven. Other products are designed for upper body support, some used as a leg wedge and others made for kids. Regardless, you can find the support you need and get a good night sleep.

Next, they are recommended by medical doctors to improve spinal alignment, enhance muscular relaxation, healthier circulation and back pain. After I started using a body pillow I stop going to the chiropractor and starting sleeping better. Before, I’d spend all night forming knots and straining my neck then make regular visits to my chiropractor to undo the mess. I thought it was part of getting old and my chiropractor sure did not tell me otherwise. I was amazed how great my body felt after getting the support I needed during rest. A body pillow maintains proper alignment of the spine, arms and legs. It provides equal support for the shoulders and hips while you shift during the nights. Using one can increase healthy blood circulation, correct breathing and reduce snoring as a result. Also, this superior bed accessory can alleviate headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia
Additionally, body pillows, also known as pregnancy pillows, are ideal for pregnancy support and excellent nursing pillows. Unfortunately I did not learn this until after my children were born. However, I have been able to share the news with my friends and family and see them benefit from proper support. The third trimester of pregnancy can be very uncomfortable and finding that right sleep position impossible. Doctors recommend that women sleep on their sides, but for those that sleep on their backs it’s hard. With a pillow supporting the back an expecting mother can maintain a proper sleep position as recommended by their doctor. After the baby is born it can be used to support a new mother during nursing. By wrapping the pillow around the body it creates a shelf for the mother to rest her baby during feeding. Best of all, mothers can continue to enjoy extra support after the baby is born.

For me, the greatest benefit is the comfort I enjoy from using a body pillow and the support it gives me and while at rest. Not to mention all the additional health benefits associated with using one. For an expecting mother, a pregnancy pillow can provide a good night sleep and be used for nursing. I would encourage everyone to start supporting their sleep position and getting a restful night sleep.