A body pillow is a king size, oversized pillow. Its purpose is to frame and support the body during rest or sleep. They are the ultimate support pillows used for many purposes. Some use body pillows simply for extra support and comfort, others for recovering from injuries, dealing with illness or experiencing pregnancy. The most basic body pillow design is rectangular about the length of the body. Other designs surround the whole body or half of the body. Different types of fillers are used to create a range of firm, soft and molding features. People should take time to research and shop for a body pillow before purchasing to find the right pillow for their needs.

Body pillows are used for many reasons. They are recommended by doctors and chiropractors to support the body while at rest. For people who often wake up with aches and pains, a body pillow can be a useful possession. Its ability to provide the body with extra support while at rest can reduce the aches and pains by improving spinal alignment, enhancing muscular relaxation, promoting healthier circulation and reduce head and neck strains. For people recovering from certain injuries, for example, a support pillow can make sleeping more comfortable by redistributing their weight and reliving painful pressure associated with the injury. In addition, pregnant women often benefit from the use of a body (pregnancy) pillow, which accommodates the bodily changes that accompany pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow usually includes back support and is designed to comfort a woman’s growing belly, allowing her to rest in the recommended slide-sleeper position.

Available in many different shapes, the original boy pillow was rectangular and spans the length of the body. Used as extra back support you can lie against the pillow or use as a prop for reading or watching T.V. With the support of three regular pillows, sleep can improve with less pillow reposition throughout the night. A popular body pillow shape is the J. This product is ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural contours of the human body during rest, and provides optimal support in all 4 basic sleep positions. The length of the pillow supports the back or front of the body and the hook of the J provides a head rest. Other body pillows are made to surround the entire body. These pillows can relieve tension and pressure during sleep, especially for restless sleepers. By keeping the body in place, these body pillows provide support to the neck and front of the body as well as the back.

There are numerous fillings intended to meet different physical needs and comfort levels. The filler, or inside of the pillow will determines the shape, structure, and comfort of the product. Fillers range from firm memory foam to soft down. There are some body pillows that include compartments with different fillings, designed to support special areas of the body. Quality body pillows should have a washable cover as regular washing can deform the body pillow and make it less effective.