Snoring by humans is a result of a tongue induced blockage in the throat and nose. While the problem does cause some discomfort for those suffering from it, it is even more of a trouble for their family members or friends who have to bear with the sounds of snoring. It is indeed irritating to encounter someone snoring when you are trying to sleep. The cures for the problem of snoring are many and include surgery, anti-snoring pills and sprays etc. However, these are all intrusive methods and in view of this fact, a non-intrusive method like the use of an anti snore pillow appears to be the best remedy to ensure relief from snoring.

What is an anti snore pillow?

As the name suggests, an anti snoring pillow is an aid to help the user to sleep in the most comfortable posture such that he/she gets ample room for breathing and there remains no scope for any intrusion or blockage in the nose or throat regions.

How does snore prevention pillow work?

Such pillows manage to stop snoring in users mainly through their design and structure. Each snore pillow is formed with contoured edges and is narrow in the middle. Pillow manufacturers pay special attention to the product design, to ensure that the user has no obstruction in breathing at all while they sleep. For this to happen, care is taken to create the pillow in such a manner that it provides alignment to back, shoulders, neck and spine; and that the shoulders and neck regions are exerted with the least proportion of the userโ€™s body pressure (which happens to be the most effective natural force in preventing snoring).

What are the benefits of using anti snoring pillows?

The benefits of using snore prevention pillows extend beyond just providing relief from snoring sound. By treating the problem of snoring, these pillows ward off the risks of health risks like sleep apnea, diabetes, heart trouble and increased blood pressure which more often than not accompany snoring.

Pregnant women can need these pillows for keeping a tab on their blood pressure levels, which tend to shoot up as a result of snoring that they experience in the second trimester. Consuming snore-control pills and using sprays could be risky during this time and these pillows provide the best remedy to curb snoring then.

What to keep in mind while investing in an anti snoring pillow?

Since not all anti snore pillows are created equal, it makes sense to keep a few aspects in mind while you set out to buy an anti snoring pillow.

  1. For one, be careful about choosing the right size and shape of the pillow. The size should be in conformity to the intended userโ€™s body sixe while the shape should be suited to the preferred sleeping position (side, back or stomach) of the user.
  2. The filling used in the pillow is of supreme consequence and depending upon your needs, memory foam pillows (for comfort and firmness) or microbead body pillows (for hypoallergenic benefits) and the likes can be chosen.
  3. For the final word in the activity of decision making though, search the net for consumer reviews on various anti snore pillow variants is the best policy to know about the credibility and worth of different products.