Do you realise that the weight and angle that your body experiences while you sleep can affect your health over time? Pain and soreness in ears, head, neck, back, and stiffness of limbs, poor posture, migraines, and sleep apnea,spinal cord damage are all problems that can result of constant sleeping styles and patterns. While it is extremely tough to change your style of sleeping, efforts can certainly be made to escape the long term negative impacts that could be lying in store for you. Now since two-thirds of our total population prefers to curl while sleeping and belongs to the category of side sleepers, the best way for them to mitigate the ill-impact is to ensure proper side support when sleeping through with a side sleeper pillow.

Choosing the right side-sleeper pillow is not as easy as going to the market and purchase bed sheets! You need to take care of several aspects and ensure that the pillow is perfect in terms of design and comfort and provides a solution to all your long as well as short term sleeping woes at once.

Here are 3 extremely important tips when choosing a side sleeper pillow:

1. The basic requirement must be met at all costs

When you decide to buy a pillow, you will probably get confused by the plethora of options that are available and the promises that will come your way. Please keep in mind that every pillow manufacturer and marketer would like you to believe that his product is the best. However, prudence lies in keeping your goal of buying a quality side sleeper pillow in your mind. Do not get carried away by rosy and superfluous claims. So to say, a pillow meant for a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper would never benefit you, no matter how attractive and comfortable it looks or how amazing a price it is being offered at. Stick to the idea that you have come to hunt for special pillows crafted for side sleeping and should not settle for any product that does not fulfil that basic necessity.

2. The shape and size of the pillow matters

The reason why not all ordinary bed pillows suit the requirements of side sleepers is that their shape is not suited for side sleeping. So to ensure good sleep, the shape and size of the side sleeper pillow that you are eyeing should be perfect. Often it is shaped like a large Comma and match the body size of the intended user. Only if these criteria are met would the pillow provide the much needed support to align your head, shoulders, back and hips in a comfortable manner!

3. The firmness and filling of the side sleeper pillow

The filling that the pillow has would decide its firmness. A firmer pillow provides often better support than a soft one as it supports the neck and back regions through even distribution of your body weight. The best filling for a side sleeper pillow is Memory foam filling as it offers better support and greater durability than other options.