Are you wondering how a memory foam wedge pillow can prove to be a better purchase for you than buying an ordinary pillow?
Probably you often have heard of a wedge pillow stuffed with memory foam filling, but don’t quite know if it is actually different from and offers better benefits than normal pillows, or is it just a fancy alibi that is being used to extend monetary benefits to the manufacturer?

To resolve all your dilemmas then, let’s take a look at what all comforts are you are missing out on by delaying the purchase of a memory foam wedge pillow:

Who needs a Memory Foam Wedge Pillow?

While ordinary foam pillows find the most extensive usage in most households for comfort in bed, we often forget to pay attention to the fact that like a single shoe or cloth size can’t fit all the family members perfectly, their needs with regards to the bedding, mattresses and the pillows vary too.
Quite understandably then, if we do not choose pillows for each family member keeping their individual-specific needs in mind, we are robbing them of a comfortable sleep! This especially holds true for those facing problems like GERDS, acid reflux, body aches, sleep apnea, hiatal hernias, heartburn, sinus, snoring and other problems pertaining to sleep, since such individuals cannot get a good night’s sleep with ordinary mattress and pillow combinations. Their comfort zone while sleeping is already disrupted by so many factors. The least we can do then to ensure that they rest well, is to provide them with a comfortable bed wedge. This would enable them to support their upper body in an angle to alleviate the physical discomfort, and ensure at the same time that the spine is aligned well and the pressure is kept off the neck and shoulder areas for added comfort.

Memory Foam Wedge Pillow Applications

Not just for those suffering from medical problems, a foam wedge pillow can actually make sleep comfortable for everyone. Since it creates a perfect contour to support the upper torso, the user’s breathing patterns and digestive abilities improve considerably over time.

As an added bonus, these pillows are multi-functional and can be used while watching T.V, as an add-on on airplane or car seat for travel, or even as a lounge pillow. The memory foam that it is invested with doubles it up as a theuraptic pillow for surgery recovery for hernia, tummy tuck surgery, C section etc. Further, it is hypoallergenic and entails 100% safe and hygienic usage.

What’s more to ask for, considering the sky rocketing demand, wedge pillows are being manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs and conditions. So you can opt for a leg wedge pillow or an entire bed wedge to cushion and support selected areas or your entire body depending upon your requirement.

Whichever pillow size and model suits you, make sure that you buy a memory foam wedge pillow if your need it and stop depriving your body and your loved ones’ from the ultimate comfort of sleeping.